Methods of Carpet Repairs  

  • We repair open seams in doorways, halls, and walk areas.
  • We re-stretch loose carpet (ripples, waves, buckles) from improper installation, normal wear-and-tear or high traffic. This will extend the life of your carpet because loose carpet wears prematurely.
  • We do pad replacement for pet problems, water damage, mildew, etc.
  • We install custom molding where your carpet meets your hard surface floors (thresholds, bathrooms, kitchens, entryways and the like). We install tack stripping on wood and cement surfaces.
  • We patch damaged areas of carpet – from burns, tears, permanent stains, bleach spots, etc. – without having to replace the entire carpet. We do this by replacing just the damaged section with a piece of carpet from a remnant or piece of carpet from an inconspicuous area like a closet.

We pride ourselves on quality service at reasonable prices. Carpet Repairs Auckland goal is to establish a long-term relationship with each customer and have their complete satisfaction in everything we do.

Sun fade Repair

95% of carpets over a year old that are exposed to natural elements show signs of colour loss. High traffic areas will also lose their colour. In this state the carpet is particularly vulnerable to setting in stains, this lost colour can be re-applied and guaranteed to last as long as the original carpet colour. $12 per m2 of effected area.

How to Repair and Dye Bleach and Faded Areas in Carpets and Rugs

Understanding is better than just instructions. Every situation is a little different so I will give you a full scale of situations and remedies and recommend the one I see as the best all around solution for 99% of the situations out there.

Clean the carpet well with a Hot water extraction Unit.
Bleach spots/stains in carpet can be caused by many things such as bleach, peroxide, cleaning products, pet urine, facial medications,sun fade, and many others.
The carpet can be made of a number of different fibers that act differently to the bleach causing agents and more importantly act differently to the dyes that are used to recolor,redye or repair the carpet. Yet what ever it was that caused the carpet bleach stain and to fade and whatever the carpet is made of it should be cleaned with a hot water extraction cleaning system to rinse out and neutralize what ever it is that caused the bleached and faded out areas in the first place.

There are many ways to get the bleach spots and stains out or redyed in carpets yet only carpet dye sticks can cover red stains and plant stains where the fiber content has been altered by the stain causing agents.

Carpet dye sticks can be used on all colors and hues for carpet and on every fiber content and carpet type no matter what the stain was caused by. Even so there are other options. Most readily available are art pens and markers, yet they are very bright and brilliant in color and will not match the colors of the carpet in brilliance and the colors are not easily mixed for achieving the right tones of color match. For really small spots, they may be an option. Carpet patches can be made and I will address this in another article. There are many who sell carpet dyes and they (the dyes) come in different strengths and dilutions. The strongest are like inks and the most diluted achieve very little color change.

The very strongest dyes (ink like) must be applied with an air brush and the precision of an artist. The weaker the dye or in other words the more filler (salts and leveling agents) it has in it, the easier it is to use yet the less effect (color change) it will have on the carpet.
I recommend liquid carpet dyes only for trained professionals who have the ability to analyze the carpet fiber content and the pH of the stains plus have the necessary wetting agents and equipment to dye with liquid acid dyes.
Carpet dye sticks are designed and developed for safety and ease. They can also make more color match and color change than any other carpet stain and bleach spot remover kit on the market. Carpet dye sticks can be used on all colors and hues for carpet and on every fiber content and carpet type no matter what the stain was caused by.

Stain Removals

Professional chemical removal of food/drinks dye, urine, rust, ink, pH burns, water marks, paint, oil, grease, vomit, blood & ingrained traffic lanes.

Irremovable Bad Stain Repairs

New technologies present Carpet Repairs Auckland with a number of effective options, such as: heat transfer, spot dyeing, colour correction & bonded inserts.

Water Damage Restoration

Flooded carpet, if not dried properly can present a serious heath risk. We have all the necessary equipment for a speedy dry down, including a large drying factory for hanging etc, & carpet layers. Insurance company approved.

Repair Creaky floors

We have specialised staff and equipment to end those annoying creaky floor boards.

How to Repair Creaky floors: Wood Floors under Carpet

The remedy here will depend on how much your carpet is worth. An effective fix remedy is easily carried out with the carpet in situ, but you will cause a small, but invisible amount of damage to the carpet. First, track down the offending squeak, then cut a small slit in the carpet, making sure that you do not cut any of the pile.

Through the slit first drill a small pilot hole that is slightly smaller than a nail and either drive a fix nail, or even better, a wood screw through the board and into the joist. A screw is always the better choice. Once it is in it definitely won’t ever come out unless it rusts away because of some other problem associated with damp.

Carpet Repairs Service

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