Carpet Laying Methods

Carpet Laying Methods

Carpet Laying MethodsGetting a carpet laying methods right is the foundation for long carpet life. But getting carpet laying right means understanding some rules about carpet installation procedures too.

Aa a matter of fact, not following proper carpet laying methods can diminish the facility manager’s credibility, as occupants may have to disrupt work schedules to accommodate repairs.

Carpet Laying Methods


There are situations in which the specifier will wish to utilize the stretch-in method. In fact, each selection may be for one of the following reasons – but not limited too-:

  • Provides enhanced underfoot comfort, acoustical properties (i.e., higher noise reduction coefficients and higher impact noise ratings) when installed with separate cushioning
  • Also it increases thermal insulation (R-value)
  • Can be used over floors that are unsuitable for glue-down
  • Patterned carpet may be more easily matched
  • Corrective measures, such as a seam repair, may be easier to perform
  • Again, removal costs usually are less than the removal of an adhered installation


  • Suitable for rolling traffic and ramp areas
  • Seams are much more durable since there is no vertical flexing
  • Minimized buckling in buildings that have HVAC systems turned off for extended periods of time
  • No re stretch situations
  • Facilitates access to electrical and telephone lines under floor
  • Practically eliminates incidences of seam peaking
  • No restrictions to area size
  • Intricate border and inlay possibilities
  • Usually less expensive


  • Combines the stability of direct glue-down carpet with the cushioning benefits of a separate cushion, stretch-in installation
  • Improves carpet appearance retention, foot comfort and overall performance
  • Simplifies carpet bordering and inlaying
  • Suitable for wheeled traffic areas
  • No restrictions to size of area

Top Tip for Carpet laying Methods

Professional installation is a must.

To sum up, putting carpet in your home correctly will help your home to look its best and ensure that you get the most use from your new flooring.

Preparing your home.

First, make sure you have made arrangements for the take up and disposal of your old carpet.

Second, You’ll also need to shift your furniture out of the way to allow the carpet to be installed.

Third, Ensure that you can provide the easiest access for your carpet delivery.

Additionally, If the outside area is muddy, it’s a great idea to provide an area for cleaning shoes

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